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Where is Bradford, PA?


Bradford is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania,
near the New York State border. The Southern Tier Expressway, Interstate 86, runs east-west through southern New York State with an exit 10 miles north
of Bradford. US Route 219 runs north-south through
the center of Bradford.


What is the population of Bradford, PA?


The population of Bradford is approximately 9,500


What is the Bradford, PA climate like?


Bradford enjoys all four seasons with opportunities
for outdoor recreation year-round, including winter
sports and activities.


The History of Bradford, PA...


Many settlers came to this region in search of timber. Settlers reached Bradford mostly by waterways such
as the Allegheny River in search of land. Carpenters, wood mills, and wood were in great demand. The first home in Bradford was built on Main Street where our business district is located today. During the 1840's
and 1850's the little settlement of Bradford only held
300 inhabitants. The majority of the present portion of
the city was thick forest, cleared as the settlers arrived.


By the mid-1800's settlers came to find more than just lumber; the first oil well was discovered on the north
side of Corydon Street. The oil craze attracted people from all over and Bradford flourished with wealth.

Lewis Emery, Jr., brought the town to its peak producing, refining, and transporting oil all over the world. The Bradford Oil Field produced more than 633,039,988 barrels of oil from 1871 to 1967. Pennsylvania Grade
Oil from the Bradford area is a paraffin based oil.


Information About Mckean County...


McKean County was officially formed in 1804 from a
portion of Lycoming County. Named after Thomas McKean, McKean County is bordered by Elk, Potter, Cameron, and Warren Counties in the foothills of the Appalachian Plateau. A signer of the Declaration of Independence and the second Governor of Pennsylvania, Thomas McKean invited many New England families to move south to Pennsylvania. The county is almost a perfect rectangle and has an area of 997 square miles. The Allegheny National Forest makes up 200 of those miles. Today, wood, oil, and glass products are McKean County's leading industries. Smethport is the county seat.

Callahan Park is a place to
spend nice summer days,
with a pool, playground, baseball fields and
basketball courts.

Bradford Area High School, located on Interstate Parkway.

Believes Resourcefully, And Dares (to) 
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Area Chamber
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