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America was built on the entrepreneurial spirit and that spirit is still strong today. In fact, entrepreneurs and small businesses are helping to create new jobs and grow Pennsylvania’s economy employing about 50% of our state’s workforce.


Careful planning is a component to business success. The website resources listed are valuable whether you are about to start a business or wherever you are in the business cycle. The services of these organizations are available at no charge and will balance your business with a team of counseling, training and business-development experts.


It is recommended you consider enlisting the help of legal, accounting and insurance professionals during the planning stages of your business venture.

We wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors. Remember, the Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce is available to help your business throughout its lifetime.


Duck Pond

Stop by and feed the ducks at the recently revived duck pond. A place of many memories for long time residents of Bradford.

Crook Farms

Enjoy a piece of history at the beautiful Crook Farms on Seaward Avenue.

"I believe the BACC is an energizing force in our community! " Bill Leven — Futures Rehabilitation Center, Inc.